For over two decades, Stephen Wilkes has made his mark in the world of fine art and photography. Widely recognized for his talent and receiving many awards, his works have also been featured in various magazines such as Vanity Fair and Life. His ongoing series called "Day and Night", presents iconic amazing landscapes captured over the course of a day, from sunrise to sunset, in a single frame.

Wilkes’ seamless photos showcase the fleeting brilliance of light and time reflected over recognizable landmarks and landscapes. He works from a fixed camera angle, shooting for about 15 hours, continuously collecting over 1500 images.

Select images are then blended into one portrait, recreating the transient nature of a single day, from beginning to end. The process is highly laborious—each photograph takes over a month to develop and plan. The resulting shots are evidence of these efforts, detailed and rich, exposing elements of human nature and city culture.

The more time spent absorbed in the image, the more details emerge; every shot is unique in both ambient architecture and street life.

If you happen to be in New York, be sure to check out Wilkes' exhibit Day to Night, is open now at Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery and runs through January 9th, 2016.

Above: Tunnel View, Yosemite 2014

Above: Serengeti National Park, Tanzania 2015


Sacre Coeur, Paris


Eiffel Tower, Paris


Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade


Millennium Park, Chicago