If you haven't noticed by now, there's quite a few questions which humanity has yet to explain fully.  Science is just starting to understand quantum potentials in our universe, philosophers are blurring the lines of the world of physics as we know it, and Youtube is unexpectedly evolving into a platform which these discoveries are unveiled in an informative, and yet entertaining way.   

Exurb1a's current Youtube channel takes a softer approach to explaining many of the Universal questions boggling the brightest minds while maintaining a deep sense into the psychology of the modern thinker.

Although his videos are usually a short mix of dark jokes set into a wordplay of truth and curious nature, they provoke the mind in a sense that it calls forth action, connection, and a type of play in which very few channels have yet to offer.  

We rarely take time to recommend a particular channel, but we can't help but feel that somehow, these creative skits deserve a peek.  

So without further commentary needed, check out these three videos posted below and be sure to check out his actual channel to get connected to the flood of information which awaits you.