Future Forecasting: Landscape Architects Might Save The World

Naomi Stead, The University of Queensland

I predict we’re going to hear a lot more from landscape architects in the coming years. There has long been a misunderstanding about what they actually do – “something about gardens” being a common response.

But the diversity and scale of work in landscape architecture is huge, and the mix of skills and expertise required shows real promise for dealing with the pressing issues facing Australian cities. Whether climate change or urbanisation, population growth or densification, landscape architects have ideas for how to make our future cities liveable, workable and beautiful.

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Therapeutic Calligraphy Through The Eyes Of Seb Lester

Seb Lester is an expert calligrapher and in this compilation video he proves it again. “I find the Latin alphabet to be one of mankind’s most beautiful and profound creations,” he says. From ink and paint to water and magnets - Seb's work is precise and oddly satisfying to watch.

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These Rooms Utilize Optical Illusions To Simulate Vertigo

Peter Kogler, an internationally renowned Austrian artist who lives and works in Vienna, has hypnotized the world with his latest psychedelic installations at the ING Art Center in Brussels.

Using paint and projections, he makes simple galleries, lobbies and transit centers look distorted, warped and twisted. Born in Innsbruck in 1959 and living in Vienna, Peter is one of the pioneers of the computer-generated art. He has been creating art for more than 30 years and still manages to surprise the viewers.

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Swan Automaton From Centuries Ago Still Amazes

The Silver Swan is an automaton dating from the 18th Century and is housed in the Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle, Teesdale, County Durham, England which was acquired by John Bowes, the museum's founder from a Parisian jeweler in 1872. The life size swan is a clockwork driven device that includes a music box and sits in a "stream" that is made of glass rods and is surrounded by silver leaves. Small silver fish can be seen "swimming" in the stream which adds a remarkable effect to the overall realness of time.

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Majora's Mask CGI Short Captures The Fantasy of Zelda

"In the land of Hyrule, there echoes a legend. A legend held dearly by the Royal Family that tells of a boy... A boy who, after battling evil and saving Hyrule, crept away from the land that had made him a legend... Done with the battles he once waged across time, he embarked on a journey. A secret and personal journey... A journey in search of a beloved and invaluable friend... A friend with whom he parted ways when he finally fulfilled his heroic destiny and took his place among legends..."

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