Every Song has a Color and an Emotion Attached to It

Stephen Palmer, University of California, Berkeley and Karen B Schloss, Brown University

Imagine yourself as a graphic designer for New Age musician Enya, tasked with creating her next album cover. Which two or three colors from the grid below do you think would “go best” with her music?

Would they be the same ones you’d pick for an album cover or music video for the heavy metal band Metallica? Probably not.

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Slowly Rising Music Video is Simply Beautiful

Directed and animated by Hideki Inaba, this amazing video was created for the track Slowly Rising, off the album Full Circle by BEATSOFREEN. The 3-minute animation features armies of infinite creatures across an ever-changing landscape.

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A Truly Endless World with "Wild" PS4 Game

Any experienced gamer will know most of the titles floating out in the modern world are pretty much all goal-oriented and stories can tend to become linear at times. A new game titled "Wild" hopes to change all of that however with an ever-expanding world full of limitless choices and ways to play.

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Visitors Don't Get Wet in Immersive "Rain Room"

Rain Room is an initiative that explores the combination of art with technology by lending users the ability to control the weather. An immersive experience, people are invited into a “cacophonous interior downpour,” in which they are able to walk through a mystical rainstorm without getting wet.

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The Power of Perspective with Six Photographers

The power of perspective is demonstrated very powerfully in this experiment performed by Canon. It's goal was to figure out how influential a photographer's views can be when capturing a portrait of an actor named Michael. Six photographers took part and each were told a different backstories which included, self-made millionaire, commercial fisherman, recovering alcoholic, a hero, psychic and even an ex-inmate.

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Surreal Day & Night Photos Capture Time in Another Light


For over two decades, Stephen Wilkes has made his mark in the world of fine art and photography. Widely recognized for his talent and receiving many awards, his works have also been featured in various magazines such as Vanity Fair and Life. His ongoing series called "Day and Night", presents iconic amazing landscapes captured over the course of a day, from sunrise to sunset, in a single frame.

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