SPARKED: A Live Interaction Between Humans and Quadcopters

Cirque du Soleil, ETH Zurich, and Verity Studios have teamed up to develop a short film featuring 10 quadcopters in a flying dance performance.  Merging the world of technology with artistic flare, the collaboration resulted in an amazing interactive performance where humans and robotic drones move in synchronization of each other.  The precision accuracy of the drones mixed with performance art makes a mesmerizing video you have to see to believe.  With no CGI or animation involved, the film sets out to bend the future with even more performance pieces coming soon.  

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GTA V Player makes flying Jets a Work of Art

Not only does he defy gravity, but he does it in a world usually accustomed to crime and lifeless digital bodies.  Known for its gruesome take on the city-life, Grand Theft Auto V updated their latest title by adding military jets into the mix which players can fly throughout the virtual reality.  Even though this is a game, the reason this clip is noteworthy is how the player dares to fly in some of the tightest places imaginable.  The addition of classical music, soothing POV visuals and death-defying stunts are sure to impress some part of your waking consciousness.

Slugabed "Sex" Displays Amazing Stop Motion mixed with Electronica

Take a trip back in time with old school electronica mixed with some creative displays of stop-motion animation in this one of a kind video from Slugabed. Entitled "Sex," the official music video is taken from Slugabed's debut album 'Time Team', which released 7 May 2012 on Ninja Tune. The clip goes through a fairly lengthy process involving orange juice, but with some amazing twists.

Stop-Motion Animation: Fresh Guacamole by PES

If you're a fan of old fashioned stop-motion animation, then PES is definitely someone you should peek at. This particular treat was actually nominated for the 2013 Academy Awards, which makes it the shortest film to ever be nominated for an Oscar...Intrigued yet? As the title notes, Fresh Guacamole is a take on your popular Mexican dish made with avocados, but without the actual avocados. Every frame is rendered masterfully as he treats everything from chess pieces to monopoly houses as ingredients in his animated version of the dish.