When it comes to true friendship, animals seem have remarkable memories of the bond they create.  In December of 2012, Sue Blagburn purchased a horse named Arthur after having bred and sold him years earlier. As a foal, he grew up with two others named William and Harry which arrived a year later.  

“Would Arthur now aged eight and a half, a thoroughbred sports horse that has spent the last four and a half years in a high class private competition yard have any memory at all of the two hairy New Forest pony playmates he once shared his youth with?”

Sue wrote. “And likewise would William and Harry recognize that little thoroughbred guy who was once their best mate?” Sue arranged their reunion in an English field where William and Harry had just lived for two weeks, so there was no familiar surroundings for the old playmates.

Bruce Selkirk captured the moment on camera and soon the horses were nuzzling each other and trotting in celebration.  Sue shared an update on the three friends in April 2015 and wrote that “Arthur, William and Harry are still all together and very happy, so am I! We now have a wonderful home in South Dartmoor where we run Adventures with Horses, Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning.”

Watching their reunion, Sue was absolutely touched by their special bond. Check out their website at: http://www.adventureswithhorses.co.uk