Above: He spotted baluga whales on our way to our first big hike together!

Ahhh… There’s nothing better than hiking with your best buddy – especially when it happens to be a bunny named Sir Quincey. “Finally, I found him! Sir Quincey Isenhopper,” says a caption of a young woman grinning from ear to ear while holding a white bunny.

“After a week or so of wearing [the harness] Sir Quincey grew to love it because it meant he could play outside and go further than his fence.”

This is when the bunny’s owner knew he was ready for the next step. On the big day of their first hike trip, she made sure they were prepared: “I was able to pack his bowl, food and favorite toys.”

To her delight, seemed to be enjoying the hike as much as she was.

Ahhh yes. Why not a dog? Pretty simple, I don't like dogs. Plus, who'd want a dog when you can have the little fluff ball?


I was able to pack his bowl, food and favorite toys. He hopped a little but mostly wanted to ride on my backpack. I think he likes being able to see from up there.


Quincey's favorite are raspberries and brussel sprouts. I'd put him in the harness for a few minutes while he ate breakfast and then give him a berry and take him out of it.


We made it 15 miles in to a remote forestry cabin just for Sir Quincey to steal my bed.


30 miles and 5 attempted eagle swoops later we made it home safely

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