For those who haven't witnessed his abilities, most people consider Richard Turner to be the most talented card mechanic alive today.  In this amazing video, he performs on the show "Fool Us" which Penn and Teller host to demonstrate exactly why many magicians still study his work even today. 

Penn even mentions how much of an honor it is to have Turner display his remarkable skills on the show.  The rules are that if they don't catch on to any of the tricks being displayed, then they consider themselves to be "fooled".  

Richard worked for USPCC, United States Playing Card Company, maker of Bicycle and Bee and pretty much every other brand of playing cards you can think of.

Turner's job was "touch analyst" for a number of years due to his amazing senses. The company moved factories to a different state and after the move, he noticed that they had been cutting their decks differently - just by the feel of shuffling them.

Sometimes, as part of his act he asks people to take out a number of cards from the deck and put them in his hand. He is then able to guess, and feel alone, how many cards are in his hand.