Posted By: Nick Long

From small business to corporate conglomerates, politicians have a tendency to play both sides of the fence when it comes to their campaigns.  Both republicans and democrats are guilty of this facade since monopolies have graced all sides the spectrum and continue to prosper beyond public opinion or control. 

When it comes to mergers however, the fact that these corporate entities can literally determine the existence of others and level the playing field in their own vision is nothing new, except when the competition doesn't exist anymore and the rules are specifically designed for small businesses to fail. 

It's not often we post up anything from John Oliver as we tend to stray away from his political views or opinion pieces, but we cannot ignore his uncanny ability to expose some of the deeper frames behind corruption and his bravery in tackling issues which many news channels would dare not discuss or even mention in today's hate-filled newswire. 

From cable companies to airlines, Oliver discusses them all and takes it to Wallstreet to determine what exactly is going wrong and why Americans should pay attention to how the big boys are playing a game which many of us will eventually suffer from in the long-run