Written By: Nick Long

Following the path of the U.K. in their Brexit vote towards independence from the European Union, Catalonia held a referendum yesterday which was met by brute force when riot police began beating up defenseless voters lining up to cast their ballot. Young or old did not matter in the brutal onslaught of rubber bullets and sticks as police sought to seize ballot papers and prevent voters from making it to polling stations. 

Even firemen who lined up to protect protesters were beaten as others were dragged away to demonstrate the authority of Spain and prevent what many believe to be a dangerous move in the E.U. once independence is finalized. 

The region which includes Barcelona and Girona has its own language and many who live there wish to establish a republic free from the suffocating grip Spain has placed onto their government. 

While Madrid refuses to acknowledge the validity of the referendum and called for polling stations to be closed by police, Barcelona's mayor has called Minister Mariano Rajoy to step down in the wake of violent police brutality. 

Early reports of the voting despite many ballots being seized have placed the vote for independence at around 89-90% for Catalonia to break away from the E.U.  Much of this violence was unnecessary as outrage continues to grow over the incredibly senseless acts by riot police deployed by Spain. 

At least several hundred were injured and a emergency meeting has been setup to call Rajoy to discuss why police acted so aggressively against voters.