7 Things Everyone Learns Traveling Solo

Solo travel is one of the most rewarding ways to see the world. Whether it's a two week jaunt in a new destination, or a mammoth round the world trip, there are always new things to learn when you're on you're exploring.

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Studies Show MDMA Helps People Create More Meaningful Relationships

Until recently, research into psychedelic drugs have been strictly forbidden despite their therapeutic potential.  These trends are changing however as more researchers are taking the leap into the reality of MDMA. MAPS, a non-profit organization, is sponsoring FDA-approved clinical research to develop psychedelic-assisted therapies into prescriptions for mental health.  The research focuses on adults on the autism spectrum and whether or not the therapy can enhance functional skills and quality of life with those dealing with social anxiety.

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Off The Grid: Living Off Land an Hour from Vancouver

A small island between Vancouver and Vancouver Island, Lasqueti is home to a little known community of off-gridders who take pride in their isolation from both mainstream culture and mainland Canada. Most of the residents live almost entirely off the land and create no carbon footprint on the environment. With its incredibly small economy, the community is a vibrant mixture of 350 residents and includes 70 children.

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The Truth Revealed: Why Cannabis is Outlawed

Marijuana, or cannabis, as it is more appropriately called, has been an essential part of humanity's medicine chest for almost as long as history has been recorded. Despite its ancient history, this non-toxic plant still remains illegal in many states and countries. Enforcing these laws in the U.S. also costs taxpayers an estimated $10 billion annually and results in the arrest of more than 693,000 individuals per year -- far more than the total number of arrestees for all violent crimes combined, including murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assault.

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Documentary Captures the Colorblind Viewing Color for the First Time

As a condition which affects over 300 million around the world, colorblindness can dramatically change how a person experiences life. To help bring hope to those unable to see in their natural state, Valspar Paint has partnered with EnChroma to help show individuals what everything really looks like to average eyes. Through their campaign #ColorForAll, Valspar provides these people with colorblindness correcting eyeglasses which enable their eyes to filter out different hues of light and view the the world in its full spectrum.

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Compassion fatigue: The cost some workers pay for caring

By Amanda Lambros, Curtin University

Health and social workers often choose their profession because they want to help people. But seeing trauma and suffering on a regular basis can have a deep impact on these workers. “Compassion fatigue” is a response to the stress of caring for people at times of crisis and is often referred to as the cost of caring.

Researchers first identified compassion fatigue in the 1970s when they recognised certain psychological symptoms among health care and social service workers. The term “compassion fatigue” was coined in the early 1990s to describe nurses who worked in emergency care and were experiencing symptoms similar to burnout.

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Explainer: How much sleep do we need?

By Gemma Paech, Washington State University

The amount of sleep adults need has once again come under the spotlight, with a recent Wall Street Journal article suggesting seven hours sleep is better than eight hours and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine drawing up guidelines surrounding sleep need.

So, what should the guidelines say? Unfortunately, when it comes to the amount of sleep adults require there is not really a “one size fits all”. Sleep need can vary substantially between individuals.

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