Sometimes less is better – so why don't doctors 'deintensify' medical treatment?

Eve A Kerr, University of Michigan; Jeremy Sussman, University of Michigan, and Tanner Caverly, University of Michigan

Doctors know a lot about when to start medications to treat disease. But sometimes our focus on starting medicines means we can confuse providing more care with providing better care. And better care sometimes means fewer medicines, not more.

For instance, patients with high blood pressure who have lost weight or are exercising more may find that they may no longer need blood pressure pills. Patients with heartburn who take proton-pump inhibitors (such as Nexium) may do just as well with a lower dose or occasional therapy. Patients who take medications for osteoporosis may be candidates for “drug holidays.”

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Are we Sleep-deprived or just Darkness-deprived?

Richard G 'Bugs' Stevens, University of Connecticut

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) state that insufficient sleep is a serious public health concern, because it can lead to many immediate dangers such as car crashes as well as long-term health problems like diabetes. The blame for sleep deprivation is often pinned on our fast-paced, 24/7 lifestyle, made possible by electric lighting at all times of day and night.

But are we really getting too little sleep?

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Hallucinogenic Honey Hunters

Nature's pollinator's can be quite the blessing, especially for a tribe in Nepal which hunts their wild honey laced with natural psychoactive properties. Referred to as "mad honey," the sticky substance is used as a medicine and soft drug, but can even lead to serious complications if abused. Dipak, the translator of this for this short clip takes a valuable lesson when he overdoses on some of the honey.

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7 Things Everyone Learns Traveling Solo

Solo travel is one of the most rewarding ways to see the world. Whether it's a two week jaunt in a new destination, or a mammoth round the world trip, there are always new things to learn when you're on you're exploring.

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Studies Show MDMA Helps People Create More Meaningful Relationships

Until recently, research into psychedelic drugs have been strictly forbidden despite their therapeutic potential.  These trends are changing however as more researchers are taking the leap into the reality of MDMA. MAPS, a non-profit organization, is sponsoring FDA-approved clinical research to develop psychedelic-assisted therapies into prescriptions for mental health.  The research focuses on adults on the autism spectrum and whether or not the therapy can enhance functional skills and quality of life with those dealing with social anxiety.

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Off The Grid: Living Off Land an Hour from Vancouver

A small island between Vancouver and Vancouver Island, Lasqueti is home to a little known community of off-gridders who take pride in their isolation from both mainstream culture and mainland Canada. Most of the residents live almost entirely off the land and create no carbon footprint on the environment. With its incredibly small economy, the community is a vibrant mixture of 350 residents and includes 70 children.

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