A Workaholic's Strange Night at Enchanted Rock

With the freezing air constantly nudging at my skin, I was suddenly faced with no food, half a bottle of water, and was trapped hundreds of feet up on ancient rock.  Although this sounds like another rendition of 127 hours, the removal of entire ligaments isn't a part of this story.  My first experience was a bit eerie at first, but the feeling soon subsided after remembering all the campers parked just a couple miles away.  I was at Enchanted Rock in Texas, known for its sparkling features under the full moon, screeching rock performances every sunset, and easy-to-climb summits.  As your typical corporate drone, a vacation was needed.  So I stuffed everything useful into a small backpack, and after a few short hours driving, I arrived.

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Neurons in Human Skin Found to Perform Advanced Calcuations

Abstract illustration of neurons interacting with path

Could your own skin "know" what it's touching before your brain does? That's exactly what researchers at Umeå University in Sweden have been studying, and the results are interesting to say the least. What they've discovered is that neurons which branch through our skin don't just send signals to the brain they've made contact with an object, but it seems they actually process complex information about the object before surging through the spine. Only after the message has been received in the cerebral cortex region of the brain, does it become processed further.

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A Fun Trip into Sensory Deprivation with Good Mythical Morning

The popular internet show "Good Mythical Morning," has an interesting, yet fun documentary about their experience in a sensory deprivation tank.  Shot in a residential home, the Youtubers explore the small environment, which completely pitch black when the entrance is closed.  The water is set to skin temperature and filled with enough salt to allow users to float freely in the sound-proof tank.  Used for various conditions such as stress, swelling and insomnia, the trend of isolation tanks has caused a rise in clinics offering the simple, yet effective therapy for hourly rates.