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Even though sleeping too much may be bad for you, sleep-walking takes that danger to a whole different level.  While 27-year-old Ryan Campbell was camping in Kentucky with friends, he fell asleep in a hammock not knowing of the dangers his dreams would bring.  In the morning, Campbell's friends saw him wake up and sleepwalk off a 60-foot cliff!  

He survived luckily after a rhododendron bush broke his fall and received only minor injuries. Most sleepwalkers find out of their affliction after friends & family explain to them all of the strange things they do.

Caused from different triggers including stress, sleep deprivation, prescription drugs and alcohol, the disorder can be unpredictable, but mostly harmless when surroundings are checked for any dangers before-hand.

Previously undiagnosed, Campbell says he won't stop camping, but he did require a moment to realize how amazingly lucky he was.  “It was surreal coming up the way I came down, because I got to see every foot of this cliff that I'd just flown over.”

Source: "Man Sleepwalks Over Cliff While Camping"