Written By: Nick Long

Augmented reality is a concept which is only now taking hold of our world.  From Pokemon Go to Mario Dash, tech corporations are heading straight into the unknown and unfiltered world of augmented reality with little to hold them back.  While these amazing tools can be applied to help people experience the world in a new way, the very same mechanism can be used to trap us within it.  It's always interesting to see what creative spark can manifest in the internet, and to see this come alive with technology is as close as you can get magic - seeing is believing after all, isn't it?  

While it's important to not weigh the negatives so heavily in uncharted territory, it's also essential we take steps in understanding how far we as humanity can get lost within our creations, losing connections with the very natures we are born in.  As we grow bored of the limits around us, can these machinations in a way transform our habits, and in turn, the very minds in which it was designed to augment.  

To answer these questions first hand, we have to dive straight into what the web has for us in store today and apply it to the innovative landscape laid by the future of augmented reality.  Check out this great video example of what humanity may face in the future, mixed with the subtle references of the daily problems many of us face in the modern age.