Posted by: Nick Long

When it comes to New York, very few cities in America can capture the name its made for itself when it comes to innovative technology and forward thinking.  However, what happens when these machinations begin to take a life of its own and even those in charge have very few answers their purpose. 

That's exactly what CBS News in New York took to the streets to figure out why after 18 metal towers suddenly appeared in New York replacing toll booths in and around the openings of tunnels around the city. 

While the Metropolitan Transportation Authority has no answers to why they placed them up in the first place, the 100 million dollar price tag indicates they definitely aren't there for decorative purposes at night. 

When it comes to government, it's not uncommon to question their budgets to keep technology up-to-date, but when the purpose of the upgrades are unclear in itself, then Americans should definitely question what exactly is going on and why answers continue to be vague. 

While speculation about their purposes include a variety of tracking and facial recognition functions, MTA clearly states that these towers can be easily modified to carry a variety of different upgrades in the future through fiber optic cables and hardware modifications. 

If you haven't seen the report by CBS yet, you can watch it posted below.