3D-Printed "Ironman" Hand Changes the Life of a Boy in Hawaii

We've heard of 3D printing being used to manufacture weapons, but in this wonderful clip, the technology is being used to create hope instead. Ever since he saw the hands of his sister, a 3-year-old boy in Maui always felt he was different from others. Born with abnormal defects on one of his hands, he often struggled with the dream of what it would be like to have two instead. A 3D printing company heard of the story recently and decided to provide a custom-built hand completely free. What used to cost thousands in the world of prosthetics now costs pennies on the dollar when it comes to this amazing printing technology.

Superfluids Demonstrate Quantum Wave like Light

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Anyone who's researched the infamous double-slit experiment knows exactly how strange light can behave when it "chooses" which property to display.  Following this weird characteristic, a team of researchers have basically duplicated the effects with flowing liquid instead of light, which also demonstrated an interference pattern when split.

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Sensation of Touch coming to Movies & Games

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Imagine walking into your local movie theater for the latest 3D flick, you go through the usual previews before the movie starts when suddenly, strange creatures start slithering across your back.  That concept could be coming soon with inventors over at Disney working on a system referred to as Tactile Brush, which creates an illusion of being touched using various mechanics merged-together.  One method currently used to create illusions is called tactile motion and uses two vibrating objects placed on the skin in quick succession, which creates the illusion of a single vibration at contact.  

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Laboratory grown Stem Cells await Human Trials

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With plenty of controversy over the years on whether or not stem cell research would continue, a cutting-edge method was developed recently which allows normal adult cells to be transformed into stem cells.  With the requirement of human embryos removed, this breakthrough in technique won a Nobel prize and a Japanese patient will be the first person to test the new treatment.

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Creative Rube Goldberg Machine uses the Power of Light

Could you imagine a world without light? This Japanese technology commercial demonstrates all of the amazing properties of light in their own version of a Rude Goldberg Machine. Utilizing focused beams projected through various magnifying glasses and objects, this clip is a proud example of how creative marketing companies can be.

The Real Reason e-Cigarettes Aren't Completely Safe

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As plumes of vapor spread across the country, e-cigarettes have seemingly found a home in the lungs of many willing participants. With arguments mounting on both sides of the spectrum, very few answers have been given about the real effects of "water vapor," but one study may have pinned it.  According to new research in the journal, Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts, most experts agree that e-cigarettes are safer than traditional ones, but also bring a variety of new health concerns into the mix.

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